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Welcome to your No.1 Source on Kristanna Loken. Kristanna is well known for her role from the video game based film BloodRayne, Terminator 3 and PainKiller Jane. Our site brings you all the latest news, media, images and more on the actress. Don't forget to checkout the gallery which contains thousands of images featuring Kristanna. Thanks for visiting!

Kristanna recently attended the 55th Antalya International Film Festival. Images from the event are now in our gallery.

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I’ve updated the gallery with screen captures of Kristanna from Pain Killer Jane’s 19th episode. More TV captures are on the way.

PainKiller Jane Season One (2007) > Screen Captures > 1×19 What Lies Beneath

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Photos from the event are now in the gallery.

HollyRod 20th Annual DesignCare

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More screen captures from Pain Killer Jane are now in the gallery. More screen captures will be added soon.

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Images of Kristanna from the event are now in the gallery.

Appearances > 2018 > 4th Annual Artemis Women In Action Festival

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Hey guys, stay tuned for a site update. The update will include new themes and gallery uploads.

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Screen captures of Kristanna from Dark Kingdom are now in the gallery.

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Episode 7 screen captures from Mortal Kombat are now in the gallery. More captures will be up soon.

Mortal Kombat: Konquest (1998 – 1999) > Screen Captures > 1×07 Debt Of The Dragon

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